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Tue, Jun. 19th, 2007, 01:46 am
Some Plans

Hello People,
This is my memo for Fourth of July. Not an official memo, but a memo none-the-less. So here's my thought so far.

We can start around four, BBQ and an open fire. After we eat stuff, we use some of the day time stuff that we have bought. Night comes and we use the bigger night stuff!

Yeah that's what I have figured out so far. And that it will be at my house. So yeah, how about the skinny on this...

What: Explosion Day Celebration (Fourth of July)
Where: My House
When: Starts at 4, ends when we can't breathe because of the fumes.
Bring: Fire Works for both day (TANKS LOTS OF TANKS!) and things for night (motors, fountains, pretty things). Oh yeah, food bring some kind of food.
Who: All of you who know me out there in reality land.

This is subject to change. This is not the final, writing in stone, or spelt correctly or in the snow with urine.