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Wed, Jun. 20th, 2007, 02:20 pm
More Independence

Hello People,
So, the week has been pretty exciting. I am further plough through the mess that is my room, despite it still looking shitty in here. But I can see the top of my desk and some of the floor. I am gonna sort more things out, throw more things away, and maybe I will sort through some of the clothes and give them off to good will or some thrift shop. I will admit some of the clothes I just need to throw away and burn them.

Oh, I finally got my mom's blessing to use the washing machine! So I can prove that I know how to do laundry. My mom decided to "teach" me to wash my clothes, and said I can start doing my own clothing. It use to be if I got near the washing machine and dryer that my mom would practically chase me away, now I think she has confidence that I know what I am doing. Also, recently my dad has been trying to claim what a loser I am for the laundry I don't do. Despite the fact he barely does anything around the house including; laundry, housework, cleaning, and trying to keep the general peace and serenity in the house. And if he ends up doing any of these things he will bitch, moan, and whine about it. Anyways, I am happy I can do laundry now because having CLEAN boxers when I want them is great.

Also, another thing has been happening in the month of gaining independence in leap and bounds (which is actually isn't all that far) is that I finally changed my cell phone plan over. Now I am on Cingular... or is that AT&T? It is one of those things. I got a nice simple plan with not many thrills. But I got the roll over minutes each month and 5 thousand nights and weekends. All is good. And since I don't use the cell phone as much as I did in the past I think that my plan will work. Come to think of it, I think that most of the people who talk to me on the most are on AT&T and talking to those people don't count toward my minutes.

Rachel was with me when I was getting the plan changed over to me. It was rather funny because the person who was helping me was apparently new doing that. So she ran into a few problems, like she used my social security number and Bob's name. When I heard her problem while she was calling up the call center I had to point out that my ID had MY name on it but the bill with the Verizon account number had Bob's name on it. So my credit history didn't show up until it was all fixed. But it was really odd, it seemed like it took for ever but it only really took about 20 minutes. Though it set me back 340 dollars. I guess that is worth it considering now that I have my own plan, my own phone bill, and a brand new Motorola Razr v3. I was very glad I put in my pay check right before that.

Oh yeah, to those who are reading this, I NEED PHONE NUMBERS! I got most of the numbers from my old phone but I don't have everyone's number.

Last night, Amy, Chris, Kobashi, Rachel and I all watched Jaws together. That was fun and we all got food afterwards. We went to the Wendy's down in the Kirkland/Jaunita area. God that was stupid. We all squished ourselves in Amy's car and got there. We went to the door and they had JUST closed the front door (despite is being 5 minutes from closing.) So then we drove around to the drive through and waited. The little intercom board said, "Sorry, we're not taking orders here, drive up to the window." Apparently they were having some problem back there. So, as instructed we went to the window. Then they told us we needed to go inside. So we all once again drove in front, got out, and went inside. Then the lady at the counter looked at us and said they were only doing drive in window now. After a few minutes of confusion amongst the employees, we FINALLY got our order in.

So anyways, I think that is all that is going on in my life right now, despite feeling a little sick right now. That's why I am typing up a blog on a... WEDNESDAY!

Have a groovy day