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Tue, Oct. 2nd, 2007, 11:49 am
A looooong overdue blog bit

Hello People,
In all fairness I have not been very good at blogging lately. I mean, fuck, Augsts 5th. That is a long ass time ago. But of course I haven't really had anything much to blog about. For example, I could blog about all the times I have been hanging out with Rachel. But I am sure no one really wants to hear about that. Or maybe you do? Who knows? Or maybe people would like to hear about how I am once again stuck at Pizza Works. Yeah, that's right; it is where I am writing from. I have done most of the day's prep work and now I am just waiting for costumers to come in and order food.

It is hard to do lots of busy work when for that last few days the pizzeria hasn't done much business. I swear, that Monday was the fucking slowest night I have worked in a long time. I was ready to leave at 7, that is an hour earlier then we close. I could have been ready about 6:30 if I didn't find some busy work.

Though I did have one guy come in who looked like a used cars sales man. He had this scraggily beard, awful looking sports jacket, purple dress shirt and pin strip slacks. I didn't get a look at his shoes, but I could have sworn he was wearing wool socks and sandals. Anyways, he came in and looked at our menu for a split second and he then said, "I would like a six inch Italian Grinder." To this I was a little confused at because an Italian Grinder could be several different things like Canadian bacon and Salami or Pepperoni and Salami. It could even be Meatballs and pepperoni! Actually there are several other combinations that it could have been. So after I asked this costumer to specify what he meant, the guy sort of gave me the old fashion deer-in-the-headlights expression and said, "Oh... uh... I think I'll be back in a few minutes." He promptly turned around and walked out and I wished him a goodnight. Now that was just kind of odd but Bob was listening in and was trying to make a big deal about that because Bob thought I could sell the fucking moron a grinder. I told Bob that I couldn't really help the guy because he didn't really specify what he wanted and if I just went by what I thought then the costumer most likely wouldn't have gotten what he wanted.

You know what sucks most about this day? It isn't the weather; I like the weather like this. It is fun and I rather be out in it then stuck inside. This is where I would enter a big sigh. But that isn't the part that really sucks about today. It is that I am stuck here at Pizza Works for an indiscriminate amount of time. Let me explain. Edna now is really sick, and she has a doctor's note now that she can't work until after the 7th. That means all this week I have to fill in for her. And today Chris cannot work, so I have to fill in for him. So I am here from 10 in the morning until.... When ever. It has to be somewhere after 5. Then tomorrow I am filling in for Janice at night AND Edna. So that is another day her from 10 until whenever. I'll probably just take over Janice's shift seeing I am already here and just work until 9.

Another thing that really sucks about this day is that I had plans with Rachel. She really wanted some alone time with me. Not going to happen this week. It didn't really happen last week either. That's sometimes how it goes though.

Huh, other stuff that has been happening in my life.... Well Bob has been on this whole stupid Yelp thing. If you don't know about Yelp, Yelp is this website that you can review shops and restaurants. So Bob has been using it to find new places to eat and shit. It is getting fucking annoying because he gets all apprehensive about going into a place where no one has review yet. It is just another crutch he has now. Also I think he is trying to play out his midlife crisis on this too. Which really is stupid.

So we were at this place in Georgetown yesterday called Calamity Janes. It was a pretty awesome place with really great food, though it really took a awesome amount out of your pocket book. But anyways, Bob and I were talking and he was like, "Maybe I should take a picture of their food and post it up on Yelp." I looked at him and gave him a face of disgust and let him know that was just really weird and creepy. And he told me that people on yelp did that all the time. So I told him, "People who take pictures with their phones of food for yelp are about as sad as people who Live Action Role Play. Now you don't want to be like a Larper, now do you?"

I am very glad to say he didn't take any pictures with his phone of the food. I would have left at that point if he did. Bob had already been an ass to the Waitress. That is starting to bug me more and more. One the way home he was joking about how he should have told the waitress what temperature to cook the burgers we had at. Then I told him, "You know there is a line where you go from a knowledgeable costumer to an asshole. Unfortunately, you're being an asshole."

If you're wondering, I left a tip for the waitress. A nice big tip for putting up with Bob.

Anyways, this blog is getting too long and I am afraid I am going to start ranting about other things. If you're reading this and close by BUY SOME FREAKING PIZZA FROM ME!