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Wed, Oct. 3rd, 2007, 02:35 pm
Still At Work

Hello People,
I'm here at work again just hanging out and filling out Edna's shift again. Everything has kind of come to a stand still. And it feels like I have done a lot of work, like over 200 bucks worth BUT 140 some of that has been mainly cheese we have been giving away at the Bastry Community fair. So, we have been chucking out pizzas and not getting paid for them. Which I hope does pay off sometime later today. We at least got on Bastry student to come in and buy something.

Anyways, right now I am trying to think. That's pretty much it, trying to think. I am mainly thinking about food and what I could have for food. I really don't want anything in Pizza Works at the moment well except for a salad. I am thinking about a large salad. But I am holding off right now because I may get busy again with the Lake Washington School District Schools getting off early. It is Wednesday after all.

So I haven't had anything really eventful happen today. But yesterday I had some interesting costumers. Like this really ditzy lady who came in with her boyfriend. Or maybe he was a husband. But either way, she really was trophy wife material. The guy wasn't too far behind her though. She came in high heels, platinum blonde hair, a low cut shirt, long coat and a short skirt. She was one of those girls who somehow got taught that it was okay to make every sentence into a question. He guy though, was probably the funniest out of the two. He looked at our menu and blurted out, "Boy you could make a Vegan Hawaiian pizza!" I looked at him and nodded, "Canadian Bacon and Pinepale right?" He nodded and I nodded back and smirked and said, "I think it would be kind of hard to make that Vegan seeing it has Canadian bacon on it."

Let's see what else happened yesterday... Nothing else that didn't involve work. Which really sucks. I try not to put too much work related crap into my blogs. But I guess if I spent a good majority day at work, then it is really hard not to. I was here from 10 in the morning until 8:30 at night. I think that is what today is gonna be like. But I got here at 9:30 in the morning because of that Bastry Community Fair thingy. I am filling in for Janice at some point of the day, so it looks like another 9+ hour day. I figured it out and by Saturday I am probably gonna be doing over time. 4 hours on Monday, 10 and a half hours on Tuesday, at least 9 tonight. That's 23 hours right there another 7 (hopefully just 7) on Thursday. Then on Friday I will have to do Edna's Shift and my usual Friday shift. So that will be another 11 hours. So that is 41 hours just there. Saturday will just be over time. Holy fuck, also that is like two weeks worth of a paycheck there too. I'll have a little money to burn. At this point it will be hard to blow all of my money.... maybe.

Anyways, I better find something better to do.