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Sun, Dec. 30th, 2007, 12:04 pm
Update of Updates

Hello People
Well, here I am at Pizza Works again waiting for business and some pain meds to kick in before I stand for about 2 hours and do some prep work. I have been having problems with my knee STILL even though it has been over a year since I had that horrible injury here at Pizza Works. I went to see Dr. Yeary about that and got an MRI of my knee and found out that a ligament on my knee is actually thinning. There's not much I can do about that except wait for it to snap and have surgery or keep doing the stretches I have been doing and take certain mineral supplements to strengthen the thinning ligament. I think I will go with the second one but then again I could think of a few cool ways to snap a ligament.

So, once again it is the end of the year. Shit, this has seemed like a long year with all the stuff that has been going on. Let's see I started out the year with physical therapy, massages, depression, going to Cascadia Community College and a steady social life. I ended up losing and gaining health insurance plans, switched cell phones and paying it myself, started doing my own laundry, helping Bob with several long tedious (but yet if done my another person simple) projects, getting put on Academic Probation and gaining a cute girlfriend!

Christmas is something to talk about. The family came on two separate days. Christmas day Tina couldn't come up because some inconsiderate naked person decided to run out into the freeway and get shot by the police. Merry Fucking Christmas. But she came up the next day and her kids, Alex (which Chris is referring to as "that drunk guy" because he hasn't been sober the few times Chris has seen him), and her opened their lovely presents. I on the other hand opened my few gifts on both Christmas and the day after (which is Boxing Day... MERRY BOXING DAY YOU CANADIANS!). I got some stuff for the Wii, one being a game and enough money to buy another controller and the other was this attachable sport things to "help your game" on Wii sports. Really the concept of things like that helping your game on the Wii seems a little silly, but they LOOK cool. Also I got a nice black hoody from Liz, some money from Janice and Bob, Tina gave me the game and Liz gave me the attachments, Bob gave me a knife that he got for free apparently (once again he told me a few days before that he has gotten it for free) and a nice little ornament... which I am assuming that Bob got for free somewhere since that seemed to be the pattern of his gifts this year.

Thursday Amy, Chris, Joel, Rachel, and I all got together and did another gift exchange. That was fun, though we didn't have the little tree we planned on. I was thinking about making one out of construction paper the night before but decided to sleep instead. I was giving out a lot of gift cards this year, mainly because I got a lot of "I don't know what I want for Christmas" answers. Though I bought Rachel a Hooded Sweatshirt but it was just a tad too small for on Friday we returned it. We got the money for it and looked for another on in a larger size, but they didn't have the one in that pattern anymore. So we looked and looked and found one that fit her comfortably and one she liked. She ended up getting a plain black one that she plans to put patches on later.

I need to start getting my Iron-Ons printed out. I have a bunch of t-shirts and t-shirt designs that I need to get put on t-shirts. I also have some for work that I think is absolutely cool. Earlier I was trying to do them as spray pain stencils and had great ideas about that. But my plan mainly failed because the stencil paper I was using was just a little too thin to use. Also at this time for some reason Micheal's didn't have any black fabric spray paint. I also have this sweet design for Rachel too. It is one that I made on night and showed her and she thought it was awesome. It was of a skull surrounded by barbwire and hearts. But now since I may just do that for an iron-on design I may redo it and make it a little more detailed. I have some killer ideas like on is pretty much taking a symbol for an gas-mask area and I put a derby hat on the guy and just made it look freaky. Another, I borrowed some stencil ideas of a killer site I found on the net. I think this is the link.... Stencil PUNKS!!! WOOOOO!

So anyways, my knee is not hurting... and the rest of me isn't either. Strange... Not really.

That's my 2 cents.