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Sun, Jun. 17th, 2007, 02:35 pm
Blah Blah Bored

Hello People,
It has been a while since I have wrote anything in my blog. Mainly because I was being driven crazy by finals, and Pizza Works (for once) has been busy on Sundays. Well, that is not the case anymore! Well, except for the guy who just came here for a slice, but I don't really call $2.50 all that busy.

So I have a lot to write about. I think I will start with the most recent thing. Kobashi, Chris, and I hung out after work last night. It is nice to see that Kobashi is back in town and still living. I didn't ask him anything about graduating; I should hit him up with those kinds of questions the next few times we hang out. But Kobashi has never really been all that of a best friend, he's always been one of those friend of a friend deals. Though he's been friends with Chris and Ken for a while and he turns out to be the third stooge once in a while. I am pretty sure we're on the same terms with each other.

Thursdays/Tuesday has been getting more and more interesting with Amy joining us. It is always nice to have a female presents amongst all us lame brain guys. And we have been working on scripts before hand when she has had nothing else to do. Though this Thursday we were just hanging out. We had lunch together at the great China, she showed me some water colors at her house, and we baked brownies at mine! Oh and we also picked up from healthy snacks for the Thursday night hang-out. We did get some script tinkering done, I just need to get motivated and type it all up and edit it.

Oh yeah, I met up with Rachel a bit ago and we saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3 last month. That was an okay movie, but I still liked the first one better. But I liked Spiderman 3 over Pirates. But the movie we recently saw was probably the best one so far. It was Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer. They actually did Silver Surfer pretty good, though it is rather hard to mess up the Silver Surfer. They messed up Galactous (spelling?) a little. But still what was cool how they did that. After words, Chris and I hung out and ate Wendy's.

We've been eating a lot of Wendy's recently. Well I have had it for dinner for the last two days, but I have also been working out hardcore for the last week or so. I am kind of feeling it today seeing that I haven't really worked out this morning. I didn't have enough time due to sleeping really badly. Like I was trying to sleep around midnight, but then woke up around 3 o'clock really thirsty. So I did what anyone would do and drank water and then I tried to get to sleep. Then I woke up an hour later, just because I couldn't sleep. The humidity was really bad and for some reason I cannot sleep in 80% humidity. So for the next 2 hours I was awake typing up stories and doing stupid blog postings on OKcupid.

What else have I not blogged about? Oh yeah, I went to Folklife with Amy and Chris. That was fun, found some new bands like Madame Flödd. They were awesome live and their CD, even though a little quiet, is bitching too. They are a folky popish band? I guess that is the best way to describe them. I have no idea. The first reason I stopped was because there was a woman playing accordion with combat boots. What can I say, that is HOT!

Then the other band is The Tentacled Sawfish who is what I like to describe as a sadistic traveling carnival band. They have this very gritty sound that I just adore. I think the reason I stopped the watched them was because their look. How can you beat a stand up bass with a gimp Barbie on it?

I think that sums up the last month or so of my life. Or does it? I bet there is more the others could fill in. Like buying more CDs, the craziness of finals, a minor date I have been on, meeting up with Kristy finally but awkwardly, or a dozen of chocolate filled items.

That's my 2 cents.

Sun, May. 20th, 2007, 12:20 pm
Rain rain come again....

Hello People!
Well, here I am at Pizza Works again. Holy fuck, it is so fucking slow I fucking can't believe that not fucking fuckers have walked through that fucking door. I can only express my feelings through the word "fuck" now. Mainly because I feel like shit, and I am stuck here at Pizza Works and I am not even sure that I can pull through a full day of this. Not only is it depressing as fuck to watch no cars come into the parking lot as it rains, but I feel ill (which I already had mentioned).

So, on Friday I went to the Doctor's Office. Boy that was fun, I walked up there hardly breath and found out for the last week I had been suffering from a really bad allergy attack. And on top of that I had a sinus and ear infection! So now I am on some lovely antibiotics and on an inhaler and I have a nose spray. So in other words once again I am being held up by strings. But at least this isn't medieval days; I would have been dead long ago.

I don't really have anything else to really say. I suppose I could work on homework or something like that. But I am feeling really too bad for that and I should probably try not to use my mind all that much. That is the only problem with doing any kind of homework, I have to be in the right mind set and feeling good or it will be all fucked up and moody. And work is not the place to be doing homework because this office I am sitting in is totally not the right kind of work environment for ANYONE and my mood here at work sometimes isn't the best. Especially when I have to stay here for Nine and a half hours doing not much, and 5 and half of those hours I am completely alone. Well, alone for the spare costumers that will come in on this rainy day.

Anyways, I feel like I am bitching to damn fucking much in this post. That's my 2 cents.

Sun, May. 13th, 2007, 02:56 pm
Update: I STILL Live!

Damn, it has been a long while since I blogged anything, and longer since I blooged anything from work.

Today is Sunday, and it is slow now. I think it has to do with it being mother's day and all. So I have enough time to sit down and think before I got and do my mega order that someone placed earlier. I guess it isn't mega, more like it is 2 large pizzas and a small one. Not to mention I got the guy to buy slices and some sprite. But that order is half the business (money wise) all day.

On Friday, I went to see Spider Man 3. That movie was okay, but why did they have Peater Parker dance?! WHY THE DANCING?! I will not try to explain this, mainly because it will spoil parts of the movie. Despite the dancing and the emo-ish Peter Parker, it was a good spider man movie. Though I think the second one, or was that the first one, it was one of the earlier ones that were a little better. But Bruce Campbell did have a GREAT cameo in this one.

Also recently (as in the last month) I have seen TMNT. That movie was cool, aimed toward little kids, but still it was great. The computer animation was great in it too. It is always nice to see something with the Ninja Turtles that doesn't have sucky animation to it.

Other then seeing movies, going to school, and working I haven't done much of anything else that is really blogable. I have hung out with people, and I was gonna try to meet someone at the homecoming of the American Idol douche bag. Uh... what's his face? Blake... Stewart? Lewis? Clark? Fucking-Nuts-Wannabe-Pop-Star? I frankly don't give a shit. And really once I heard Kristy tell me how crowded it was, I really didn't want to go down there. And it is fucking Bothell Landing! I wonder how many teeny boppers got attacked by geese and chicken.

Anyways, that is my 2 cents

Sun, Apr. 1st, 2007, 01:27 pm
Comicon Recap

Hello People,
So, here I am at work again twiddling my thumbs (yes, as I type because I am that talented) and doing not really anything. I am thinking that Sundays are now just eternally slow and I am being punished in some karmic way for the sins I have done in a past life. Or maybe that is just the paranoia talking.

Anyways, Saturday went as planned. The plan was Chris, Kobashi, Joel, and I all went to the Emerald City Comic Convention. We did invite Cici but she was emotionally distraught over being locked out of her car. I can see people getting a little peeved, or being slightly irked by this problem that happens to a person at least once in their lifetime, but being overly emotionally distraught and practically unable to go to a fun event smells slightly of BULL SHIT. I understand Cici has been having a hard month, and is taking her hormones and shit, but come on. At least make something better up if you're gonna cop out!

So, another plan that was doomed to fail was to meet Oisin there at the comicon. Now, if you don't remember who Oisin (pronounced O-Sheen) he is the short red headed lad who I met in high school. We (being Chris, Ken, Kobashi, Rob and I) all picked on him in a loving way. He did meet us there, but he left soon after. His excuse was that he couldn't find us and he thought we ditched him. Though, this was again another thing smelling of Bull Shit! He could have called me on my cell phone and found out where the fuck we were. So after being there for a total amount of 30 minutes and spending not only the 12 dollars to get in but bus fair, he left.

The time at comicon went a little like this. Kobashi drove us there after we found out that Cici ultimately copped out, but we were expecting Kobashi to drive anyways because we had a feeling Cici would not want to go out to a large convention.

As I was trying to get directions from map-quest on the upstairs computer (which sucks) Chris, Kobashi, and Joel all went to QFC to get coffee and other such things to keep them awake. Joel had to work past midnight the day before, Kobashi... is just Kobashi and we want to keep him awake at much as possible. I got the direction printed out, not noticing that it was avoiding the freeway, and waited for them outside, they came and I got in. We drove around the lake and went into Seattle. After getting off the freeway, we got lost. Mainly because MAP QUEST SUCKS with directions, also the street leading to the parking garage was completely blocked off one way, so we had to drive all the around to the other side of the street to get into the parking garage.

We parked, and got our tickets at the back entrance seeing that was the closer entrance. It also didn't have as long of a line as the front, which Oisin was in. I called Oisin when we got in, and we were on the upper level and met up with Oisin. After exchanging a few words, wits, and whatevers with him, some friends of him recognized him. When they saw him they said, "Oh, its Oisin" but in the type of voice like you would use when you were thinking you were going to get fine cheese and bottled wine and the person picks up cheese whiz and grape juice boxes. We all kind of snickered and made comments about that and then suddenly like a strange explosion Joel was off one directions, Kobashi another, and Chris another. So seeing that I was standing by a booth by myself, I went off in another direction.

Chris ultimately met up with me again and we "abused" all the artists that were there, slowly buying things and getting free buttons! Yes, but some buttons were not free and I bought them. I love buttons, if you must know. Buttons and patches are awesome and I cannot get enough of them. But I do not have a good vest that fits anymore to put them on. So, after about 1 hours of walking around with Chris we notice we couldn't find Oisin because our other members (Joel and Kobashi) slowly came to us, but eventually departed again.

Anyways, we had a fun time; everyone enjoyed what they did and had fun. Well, except for Oisin, but that was more of a personal choice on his part.

Well, I am gonna try to do something useful around this shop. That's my 2 cents!

Fri, Mar. 30th, 2007, 11:27 pm
Super Inframan!

Hello People,

I was just watching the great but tragic movie of "Super Inframan"! A Movie made by the Shaw Brothers in the 1970s, right after they started to make bigger budget movies. Though the Shaw Brothers never really made it all that big in the United States, though certain movies have done homage to them like Kill Bill and Kung Pow! The Shaw Brothers, if you don’t already know from my ranting about the Hong Kong Cinema, are guys who make old kung-fu flicks. They have lots of prancing, flying, fighting, and special affects. Super Inframan is the Hong-Kong tribute to the series Ultraman and even steals some of his moves.

But Anyways, this entry is not about celebrating this movie. It is about posting weird pictures from the movies with strange captions like I did with Punch Of Death! So here I go....


That's my 2 Cents!

Sun, Mar. 25th, 2007, 12:59 pm
¡Jugador, nos Alabéa a Olimpia, Grecia!

Hello People,
So today is my last day of "freedom" before I have to go back to the toil that I call Cascadia Community College. So, yeah, I am here at work again typing out my thoughts and stuff to clear boredom. I have done most of the prep for the day and I have not gotten any business. Other then the guy who just came wondering what they hell we had in the way of slices. Which of course it is what I normal make on Sundays, Half Canadian Bacon and Pine Apple for two slices and the other two slices are Cheese. They seem to sell pretty well. But I think the guy who looked like he just came out of church was not looking for those and I was typing this like some school report. If anyone asks I can say I am doing a small essay that the teacher has emailed me to do.

It has been a month since my last post about whatever. I think it was how tired I am; well those days of being dead tired are over... NOT! But I did get yelled at about the times I come in the morning to work now. Yeah, I am gonna do way better now, and if she complains I will just have to point out that I tend to do more work then her (Edna) or Janice on slow days recently. It seems like the more stress Bob, Janice, and Edna gets into the more I hear about it. It is getting to the point I am going to give Edna what I give Bob and Janice most of the time. That ain't gonna be pretty, but if she tries to fire me it won't be pretty either. I have a few strings to pull. It does sound like an ego statement, but I really do. But like all good Ninja or Pirates, I will not reveal what I have/

So, I had a crisis about two weeks ago. I went to the counselor on the 9th and the lady there told me that I would be put under suspension until next winter if my grades slipped any further because I had been put back on academic probation. But there were a couple things wrong with her statement I figured out, I was just put on academic probation that quarter (Winter) and that if I kept a grade point average below that for THREE quarters that I would be suspended. So the bitch actually just added more stress then I needed. Thanks a lot you stupid fucking counseling whore. Oh, so I was doing a walk-in counseling thing, and signed up before they stopped the sign up, an hour flew by being completely ignored. So, on top of the general crap I was getting from Bob, I was not in the greatest mood ever.

Bob had been giving me crap about just general stuff. I think his male dominants has been threatened and his mid-life crisis is kicking back in. He been getting overly annoying around my friends and he has been trying to take relatively stupid things out on me. Of course, this almost erupted into him trying a fist fight with me, which would be completely stupid because I would just call the police on him. Because really, it would be the only proper thing since I would and could kick Bob's ass from here to Mexico and back. Bob just needs to find friends his age, get a hobby, and leave me the fuck alone.

Oh, Rachel and I went to Terra Bites and a nice Thai Resutant on Friday. I was bored; I wanted to get out of the house since I didn't leave it much during the week. And I invited her because she was online and I knew she wasn't stressing out because of finals. It was nice to hang out with other people other then Chris, Adam and Joel. No offense to you guys, but it is just getting to be the same old shit.

But then again, we do break the mold once in a while. Like we went out to the movies, and CiCi was there too! That was a nice change hanging out with CiCi for a while before the movie started. We saw the movie 300, which is an epic movie based off a comic by Frank Miller which is based off an old story about 300 Spartan soldiers who fought against a large Persian army. I recommend seeing if, well if you have a stomach for gore and blood and long well chorographer fight scenes. Oh, and if you're not offended by a sex scene. Oh, this is one movie I felt actually deserved an R rating, but R as in Rad-tacular.

So This morning I actually got up at 8:30 in the morning and was wondering what the fuck was on the television. I ended up flipping through the channels and found Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. I thought that was fucking rad, but became lost very fast I a realized it was in Spanish. Donde en el Mundo etsa Caermen Sandiego is as entertaining as the English version though, and I remember the episode well. But hearing the Spanish Carmen say, "¡Mejor suerte próximo tiempo, jugador!" doesn't do it for me.

Oh I think I will stop this madness now!

Sun, Feb. 25th, 2007, 02:33 pm
Sunday... Again. My weekly look into... PAIN!

Hello World,
I am so fucking tired. I am at work just doing work stuff, but it has been really slow and it is getting really dark outside. It feels like storm weather. But anyways, I found out what thing was eating at me for the longest time. I have been coming down with a great case of Bronchitis. I mean that really sucks and I was advised that for the last week I wasn't even supposed to be working. I have a fever and been having a fever. I think the fever might be down, but I am not sure about that. So on top of the bronchitis I also have had an ear and sinus infection. Boy, when things go wrong they just go wrong.

My old school Nintendo entertainment system still isn't working. When ever I press the power button the power light keeps flashing and those also send weird flashing signals to the TV. I would try messing around with it more until it works, but the whole sick thing has been getting me down enough that I haven't bothered.

Thursday night the goons and I got together. We played Crystal Chronicles (a Final Fantasy Game) for a good part, and then we watched some of the Young Ones, and then we played Samurai Warriors. Well, the goons did. At that point I was just feeling not up for it and I cut the whole short at 11:30 because I couldn't stay awake. I love playing thing like Crystal Chronicles, it is a multiplayer RPG where we're all in a group fighting off monsters. I could play those things for hours and hours. Apparently Joel can't, it seemed he was getting disinterested after a bit.

I wonder why sometimes why I am even here on Sundays. Really, for the first 2 hours the shop was open I was helping Janice with some stupid Saint Edward Park stuff and there wasn't really anything happening. I sold a whole fucking slice pie! WOOOOOO-fucking-HOOOO! Oh and I have sold 2 calzones and someone is supposed to pick up a pizza, but they are about 30 minutes late. I think it is pretty sad that I can remember everything that has gone on. Not to mention there isn't much prep work to do. Well I have done what little that needs to be done. Plus I noticed the public computer out in front was acting all wonky so I updated all the spybot and virus protection crap and checked it. 2 viruses and 64 spybot things. It makes you wonder what the hell the people having been looking at out there. I know two guys were looking at porn one night and I had to tell them they better look at some more family appropriate content. There happened to be a family dinning in at the time.

But all and all I decided I hate all the computers in Pizza Works, mainly because this office one is just shit and Bob, Janice, and Edna have screwed around with it enough it has the processing speed of a retarded slug that's drunk. Not to mention it lags every once in while so I am typing here and I see the word trail along about three or four words ago. It is rather entertaining then I can see what the hell I am typing in this non-real-time word document. Also I hate the front one, just because it is just a computer to hate. Yeah, I have great reasoning there. And I need a lunch break soon. I guess. I could use this for my lunch break but I really don't want to eat anything here. And the damn teriyaki place is closed. Damn you, you Christian converts for keeping Sunday a day of rest!!!

So yeah, anyways, that's my blog of the week.

Wed, Feb. 21st, 2007, 01:33 am
Movies, Games, Rants

Hello People,
So here I am sitting another morning bored off my ass. Well I think this partl my fault because I could be sleeping if it weren't for the fact that I went to sleep around 5:30 in the evening. I only really men to take a one to two hour nap and then I just kind of woke up around... 12:30. Yeah, I got a full night sleep, even though I think I was suppose to do it during the night. Eh, being a little too early is WAY better then getting it too late.

So, so far the week has been interest. I think I may be getting pneumonia again. This I due to the pain I am getting while breathing and coughing up shit. On Thursday I am gonna find out what the hell is wrong with me. I think this is one thing I absolutely hate about colds. They can turn into other horrible things and thend you feel like shit more then you have to.

On Tuesday I finally had my last Physical Therapy appointment. That was nice, because that was eating up a lot of time. Also I don't have pain in that knee really. It does get sore once in a while, but it is getting way better. I am just so happy it is almost over, but know I am wondering when some shit is gonna happen to me to make it worse... or when I am going to get a fetal injury.

On Monday with my day off from school I went with the movies with Kayla and Rachel. That was fun, except for the movie. The Bridge to Tarabithia was fucking sad, if you read the book you know why. If you seen the movie, you know why. Mainly why it gets sad is a movie spoiler. So, yeah, no spoiling movies for me. Oh, and talking about movies, I also saw Ghost Rider with the goons on Firday. Lots of movies shit week.

Other then that nothing significant has really happened other then feeling like shit. Oh, yeah I got an old school Nintendo System with games at a pretty reasonable price. I am happy now because I finally bought something that my mom and dad never wanted me to have. They would never buy one because... I think they said money but they didn't like stuff like that. I think mom never liked those things because dad played those too much. Hey I am not calling mom and dad, Janice and Bob. But yeah with the game system I got the original Duck Hunter, Original Mario, Super Mario 3, Ninja Turtle 2, and Legend of Zelda... and something else I think. I cannot remember. Now only if I could find the old school Tetris.

So, no I have a Wii and an old NES. What a combo. AND I HAVE CLEAN BOXERS!!!!! Wait, that is something that's not important.


Sun, Feb. 11th, 2007, 03:36 pm
Friday; the portal to the.... PAIN!

Hello People!
So, I am stuck at work again semi-doing work semi-doing homework until now. Well, it really looks like Sunday is back to Sunday. I was amazed I had time to actually finish my grinder without much interruption, except for this one kid who wanted a job application. I would have given him one if it wasn't for the fact I couldn't find them. So, I told him to go, though I should have told him that this place was rumored to be sold to new owners. That news always makes me sad when I say it because I love this job. Even more so since I get to sit down and just write a blog at least weekly.

So, on Friday I was going to work for Edna here at the Good Ol' Pizzeria. The original plan was that she was going to renew her food handler permit and get here around noon or one. Something along those lines, but she came in here when I was opening and said that it was going to be longer since she had missed the 10 o'clock class, which turned out to be actually the 9:30 class. So she said that I was going to work until 3, which really sucked because I had a thing schedule, but I called Rachel, the girl I am working with, and said that she should come here around noon anyways to see if we could get some work done. If you're wondering out there Rachel is my class partner in the Pacific Northwest History class and we are suppose to have a media report done by Wednesday. So, anyways, she came in with her mom (Rachel is only 16, almost 17) and her mom left a little worried. So I kept trying to work with her but I kept getting business. So three rolls around and Rachel had gotten some more stuff done. She had already had found a lot which is good because I have gotten a little done since I have this weird schedule of physical therapist appointments, work, and school. Anyways, we go to my house and made a plan from there to get to the Redmond Regional Library to see if we can find anymore books, but there were a few snags to that. One is that all the libraries in the King County Library System now close at 6PM on Friday nights. What the fuck is that? Shouldn't they be open later?! But we at least got to the Kirkland Library, got some books, booked marked some ages. I was supposed to scan all of them by today, but due to a sore knee and waking up late I didn't get much scanning done. Hopefully I can just scan the rest tonight and tomorrow morning. Then we're going to slam out the power point. My hope is that we have everything to just slay this project by tomorrow. Reality is that it might be Tuesday. And we might have to change a few things once the instructor talks to us about what we need.

Oh, so at my house Rachel and I were playing video games while we were waiting for the bus to come, and then while we were looking through books we watched the newer version of House on Haunted Hill and Evil Dead 2. Evil Dead 2 was mostly because we gave up for the night, I was getting hella tired from working and walking around and plus my usual energy consuming stuff for the day. Rachel is pretty cool, ‘cept for the whole age thing.

So anyways, this break will get freakishly too long if I keep writing.

Sun, Jan. 28th, 2007, 02:18 pm
A week in a paragraph

Hello People
So here I am at work again writing another blog. Oh shit, it is so fucking slow today. I mean there is barely anyone in the parking lot. Was there a threat of a nuclear attack or something and I wasn't informed?

So, this week has been pretty interesting. I finally got my free massage, skipped classes, was sick with flu like symptoms, been sleep deprived, and utterly happy. That is what I called a good full week. Next week I plan to start doing some of that My Music Project. I got to mail Betsy, Kevin, Jesse, Chris, Jura, and a few other people about it. See who I can get. I told my mom and Liz about it and they were trying to help in their own same way, which really is funny because they help in the same exact way. I think this is the last time I tell either about school projects like this.

I think if business doesn't pick up here at work I am going to read some text books. The textbooks are not that bad. Some of them are actually entertaining to read. But it is something to do while I stuff door hanger things that Bob wants me to do. Oh, and talking about Bob and work he started yelling at me because I wasn't going to do an insignificant job while I was trying to open the shop on time. He started getting all pouty about it and said that if this was any other job that I would be fired. I really doubt that. From what I understand about working is that you do the jobs you need to do first and then you do the other shit after the important tasks are done. He finally just did it himself, which is all fine with me. I would have done it but opening the shop seemed more important then putting some 2 liter cokes in the other cooler so it would stop cycling as often. And even though Bob did that, the cooler is still cycling as often.

That's really all I can think of right now.

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