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Sun, Apr. 6th, 2008, 12:24 pm
I am Working... Kinda

Hello People,
Once again I am here at Pizza Works, sitting down waiting for all the lovely medication to set in. For some reason when I woke up this morning I was having a severe allergy attack, not to mention for some reason that isn't really known to me my left knee kept locking up all night. So, on top of already being tired I took all that lovely allergy medicine to keep me alive so Pizza Works can have a warm body in it. Joys of Joys.

Though, today is another day that I describe to some costumers as, "one of those days I could probably drop down dead and no one would notice for several hours." Yeah, the awe inspiring empty parking lot outside the Pizza Works windows is really making me optimistic. I wonder what has been up though. I think since Spring Break has happened for some reason people have wanted to get out of this state. I guess a weekend of snow before a spring break does that to people. Not to mention I think a lot of people got into the mind set that I did that BBQ sounded really awesome when it was sunny. I still want to BBQ something.

So this week has been interesting, full of stuff. Gooey Stuff. The kind of simply sweet stuff that only life can be made out of and we deal with every single day. I guess that I haven't been doing all that much, but then again I did get a new video game for the Wii which is totally awesome. Along with that I also got insoles for my new shoes. Now my new shoes are twice as comfy as before and I have been getting the support I need for my back and knees and all that junk. Maybe not for my left knee if it continues to lock up like it has been. But I think it was locking up just because I have been doing a lot of run around for no apparent reason.

So anyways, the new Wii game I got was of the Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors. It is really fun and sort of challenging. So far I have only beaten the first two levels and with Rachel and Chris we have been leveling up characters. Though we do want to get a cool sword, but to get the stuff we have to have an S level rank. I never got why the ranking systems went C, B, A, and then S. I guess A+ is too good for the Japanese.

Anyways, looks like work may be coming my way… maybe.

Sun, Feb. 10th, 2008, 12:35 pm

Hello People!
Another Sunday another blog, but at least this time I have something to blog about. Rachel and I on Friday went to the Bellevue Doll Museum. Though, I wish I knew something before I took Rachel there, like that she is crept out by dolls. Well, certain kinds of dolls. That would have been a good thing to know before I took her to a museum full of dolls! But it was a fun trip, though I do get seriously crept out by the museum too. Though, the lady who greeted us at the door was really nice and gave Rachel a few pamphlets and information and such. And apparently they were putting up a new exhibit in the museum, something about “The Art of Mourning”. In a way I am morbidly interested what they may have there. I guess that is just my macabrian mind set there. I am thinking about suggesting dragging Rachel back with me and maybe taking Amy and Chris. Amy because she's into the whole arts and crafts things and Chris because Chris likes Amy. Duh. They're going out still hopefully.

Also to my surprise Comicon is later then April this year. That shocks me just a tad. It is May 10th and 11th! That's almost a month later then is usually is! I wonder why! That should have been a question mark! But anyways, I find one thing very disturbing this year, not that they moved it a month later BUT that Suicide Girls is sponsoring it and has a booth there this year. That makes me curious why they would be at a comic book convention. But I guess the lonely single 20+ white male is their target audience, and shit there'll be PLENTY of them there.

Anyways, I better get back to work soon.

Sun, Feb. 3rd, 2008, 11:43 am

Hello People!
Another Sunday, another blog from work. So, lately I have been having computer problems at home, lost all my stuff for itunes because of that and now seeing if my computer and its' hard drives are able to work. That kind of bums me out, but oh well shit like that happens.

I am just sitting down for a bit before I get back up again and start prepping whatever there is to prep, which isn't much here at Pizza Works because last night was pretty slow and we got a good amount of prep done. But seeing that today is SUPER BOWL SUNDAY, I should be getting business soon! Well… I hope. It would be awesome if today is like totally super busy and this is really the only break I get. Well, that wouldn't be cool if I didn't get a break later but being super busy would be.

Not much has really happened in my life recently that is totally bloggable. I have been kind of keeping spending to a minimum because I have been saving to get my ass back into Cascadia, so that means random adventures have been slowly declining. Though with the amounts of tips I have been getting recently I have been able to see a movie with Rachel. We went and saw Cloverfield. It is a good movie, but the camera movements were giving me a headache after a bit. Other then that, nothing really exciting or really anyone wants to hear.

Yeah, that's all I can think of right now.

Sun, Dec. 30th, 2007, 12:04 pm
Update of Updates

Hello People
Well, here I am at Pizza Works again waiting for business and some pain meds to kick in before I stand for about 2 hours and do some prep work. I have been having problems with my knee STILL even though it has been over a year since I had that horrible injury here at Pizza Works. I went to see Dr. Yeary about that and got an MRI of my knee and found out that a ligament on my knee is actually thinning. There's not much I can do about that except wait for it to snap and have surgery or keep doing the stretches I have been doing and take certain mineral supplements to strengthen the thinning ligament. I think I will go with the second one but then again I could think of a few cool ways to snap a ligament.

So, once again it is the end of the year. Shit, this has seemed like a long year with all the stuff that has been going on. Let's see I started out the year with physical therapy, massages, depression, going to Cascadia Community College and a steady social life. I ended up losing and gaining health insurance plans, switched cell phones and paying it myself, started doing my own laundry, helping Bob with several long tedious (but yet if done my another person simple) projects, getting put on Academic Probation and gaining a cute girlfriend!

Christmas is something to talk about. The family came on two separate days. Christmas day Tina couldn't come up because some inconsiderate naked person decided to run out into the freeway and get shot by the police. Merry Fucking Christmas. But she came up the next day and her kids, Alex (which Chris is referring to as "that drunk guy" because he hasn't been sober the few times Chris has seen him), and her opened their lovely presents. I on the other hand opened my few gifts on both Christmas and the day after (which is Boxing Day... MERRY BOXING DAY YOU CANADIANS!). I got some stuff for the Wii, one being a game and enough money to buy another controller and the other was this attachable sport things to "help your game" on Wii sports. Really the concept of things like that helping your game on the Wii seems a little silly, but they LOOK cool. Also I got a nice black hoody from Liz, some money from Janice and Bob, Tina gave me the game and Liz gave me the attachments, Bob gave me a knife that he got for free apparently (once again he told me a few days before that he has gotten it for free) and a nice little ornament... which I am assuming that Bob got for free somewhere since that seemed to be the pattern of his gifts this year.

Thursday Amy, Chris, Joel, Rachel, and I all got together and did another gift exchange. That was fun, though we didn't have the little tree we planned on. I was thinking about making one out of construction paper the night before but decided to sleep instead. I was giving out a lot of gift cards this year, mainly because I got a lot of "I don't know what I want for Christmas" answers. Though I bought Rachel a Hooded Sweatshirt but it was just a tad too small for on Friday we returned it. We got the money for it and looked for another on in a larger size, but they didn't have the one in that pattern anymore. So we looked and looked and found one that fit her comfortably and one she liked. She ended up getting a plain black one that she plans to put patches on later.

I need to start getting my Iron-Ons printed out. I have a bunch of t-shirts and t-shirt designs that I need to get put on t-shirts. I also have some for work that I think is absolutely cool. Earlier I was trying to do them as spray pain stencils and had great ideas about that. But my plan mainly failed because the stencil paper I was using was just a little too thin to use. Also at this time for some reason Micheal's didn't have any black fabric spray paint. I also have this sweet design for Rachel too. It is one that I made on night and showed her and she thought it was awesome. It was of a skull surrounded by barbwire and hearts. But now since I may just do that for an iron-on design I may redo it and make it a little more detailed. I have some killer ideas like on is pretty much taking a symbol for an gas-mask area and I put a derby hat on the guy and just made it look freaky. Another, I borrowed some stencil ideas of a killer site I found on the net. I think this is the link.... Stencil PUNKS!!! WOOOOO!

So anyways, my knee is not hurting... and the rest of me isn't either. Strange... Not really.

That's my 2 cents.

Wed, Oct. 3rd, 2007, 02:35 pm
Still At Work

Hello People,
I'm here at work again just hanging out and filling out Edna's shift again. Everything has kind of come to a stand still. And it feels like I have done a lot of work, like over 200 bucks worth BUT 140 some of that has been mainly cheese we have been giving away at the Bastry Community fair. So, we have been chucking out pizzas and not getting paid for them. Which I hope does pay off sometime later today. We at least got on Bastry student to come in and buy something.

Anyways, right now I am trying to think. That's pretty much it, trying to think. I am mainly thinking about food and what I could have for food. I really don't want anything in Pizza Works at the moment well except for a salad. I am thinking about a large salad. But I am holding off right now because I may get busy again with the Lake Washington School District Schools getting off early. It is Wednesday after all.

So I haven't had anything really eventful happen today. But yesterday I had some interesting costumers. Like this really ditzy lady who came in with her boyfriend. Or maybe he was a husband. But either way, she really was trophy wife material. The guy wasn't too far behind her though. She came in high heels, platinum blonde hair, a low cut shirt, long coat and a short skirt. She was one of those girls who somehow got taught that it was okay to make every sentence into a question. He guy though, was probably the funniest out of the two. He looked at our menu and blurted out, "Boy you could make a Vegan Hawaiian pizza!" I looked at him and nodded, "Canadian Bacon and Pinepale right?" He nodded and I nodded back and smirked and said, "I think it would be kind of hard to make that Vegan seeing it has Canadian bacon on it."

Let's see what else happened yesterday... Nothing else that didn't involve work. Which really sucks. I try not to put too much work related crap into my blogs. But I guess if I spent a good majority day at work, then it is really hard not to. I was here from 10 in the morning until 8:30 at night. I think that is what today is gonna be like. But I got here at 9:30 in the morning because of that Bastry Community Fair thingy. I am filling in for Janice at some point of the day, so it looks like another 9+ hour day. I figured it out and by Saturday I am probably gonna be doing over time. 4 hours on Monday, 10 and a half hours on Tuesday, at least 9 tonight. That's 23 hours right there another 7 (hopefully just 7) on Thursday. Then on Friday I will have to do Edna's Shift and my usual Friday shift. So that will be another 11 hours. So that is 41 hours just there. Saturday will just be over time. Holy fuck, also that is like two weeks worth of a paycheck there too. I'll have a little money to burn. At this point it will be hard to blow all of my money.... maybe.

Anyways, I better find something better to do.

Tue, Oct. 2nd, 2007, 11:49 am
A looooong overdue blog bit

Hello People,
In all fairness I have not been very good at blogging lately. I mean, fuck, Augsts 5th. That is a long ass time ago. But of course I haven't really had anything much to blog about. For example, I could blog about all the times I have been hanging out with Rachel. But I am sure no one really wants to hear about that. Or maybe you do? Who knows? Or maybe people would like to hear about how I am once again stuck at Pizza Works. Yeah, that's right; it is where I am writing from. I have done most of the day's prep work and now I am just waiting for costumers to come in and order food.

It is hard to do lots of busy work when for that last few days the pizzeria hasn't done much business. I swear, that Monday was the fucking slowest night I have worked in a long time. I was ready to leave at 7, that is an hour earlier then we close. I could have been ready about 6:30 if I didn't find some busy work.

Though I did have one guy come in who looked like a used cars sales man. He had this scraggily beard, awful looking sports jacket, purple dress shirt and pin strip slacks. I didn't get a look at his shoes, but I could have sworn he was wearing wool socks and sandals. Anyways, he came in and looked at our menu for a split second and he then said, "I would like a six inch Italian Grinder." To this I was a little confused at because an Italian Grinder could be several different things like Canadian bacon and Salami or Pepperoni and Salami. It could even be Meatballs and pepperoni! Actually there are several other combinations that it could have been. So after I asked this costumer to specify what he meant, the guy sort of gave me the old fashion deer-in-the-headlights expression and said, "Oh... uh... I think I'll be back in a few minutes." He promptly turned around and walked out and I wished him a goodnight. Now that was just kind of odd but Bob was listening in and was trying to make a big deal about that because Bob thought I could sell the fucking moron a grinder. I told Bob that I couldn't really help the guy because he didn't really specify what he wanted and if I just went by what I thought then the costumer most likely wouldn't have gotten what he wanted.

You know what sucks most about this day? It isn't the weather; I like the weather like this. It is fun and I rather be out in it then stuck inside. This is where I would enter a big sigh. But that isn't the part that really sucks about today. It is that I am stuck here at Pizza Works for an indiscriminate amount of time. Let me explain. Edna now is really sick, and she has a doctor's note now that she can't work until after the 7th. That means all this week I have to fill in for her. And today Chris cannot work, so I have to fill in for him. So I am here from 10 in the morning until.... When ever. It has to be somewhere after 5. Then tomorrow I am filling in for Janice at night AND Edna. So that is another day her from 10 until whenever. I'll probably just take over Janice's shift seeing I am already here and just work until 9.

Another thing that really sucks about this day is that I had plans with Rachel. She really wanted some alone time with me. Not going to happen this week. It didn't really happen last week either. That's sometimes how it goes though.

Huh, other stuff that has been happening in my life.... Well Bob has been on this whole stupid Yelp thing. If you don't know about Yelp, Yelp is this website that you can review shops and restaurants. So Bob has been using it to find new places to eat and shit. It is getting fucking annoying because he gets all apprehensive about going into a place where no one has review yet. It is just another crutch he has now. Also I think he is trying to play out his midlife crisis on this too. Which really is stupid.

So we were at this place in Georgetown yesterday called Calamity Janes. It was a pretty awesome place with really great food, though it really took a awesome amount out of your pocket book. But anyways, Bob and I were talking and he was like, "Maybe I should take a picture of their food and post it up on Yelp." I looked at him and gave him a face of disgust and let him know that was just really weird and creepy. And he told me that people on yelp did that all the time. So I told him, "People who take pictures with their phones of food for yelp are about as sad as people who Live Action Role Play. Now you don't want to be like a Larper, now do you?"

I am very glad to say he didn't take any pictures with his phone of the food. I would have left at that point if he did. Bob had already been an ass to the Waitress. That is starting to bug me more and more. One the way home he was joking about how he should have told the waitress what temperature to cook the burgers we had at. Then I told him, "You know there is a line where you go from a knowledgeable costumer to an asshole. Unfortunately, you're being an asshole."

If you're wondering, I left a tip for the waitress. A nice big tip for putting up with Bob.

Anyways, this blog is getting too long and I am afraid I am going to start ranting about other things. If you're reading this and close by BUY SOME FREAKING PIZZA FROM ME!

Sun, Aug. 5th, 2007, 03:48 pm
Someon's Mammoth

Hello World,
It has been a while since I blogged. Mainly because of I have been blogging for Pizza Works when I am here at work. That's right folks; I have stopped working and started to slack off. Wait, no, I am on break.

So anyways, this week has been full of many many different emotions, mostly malice toward one specific person. Which is truly unfortunate for that one person, but their actions over the last two weeks has justified me being mad at them. It happens time to time that people will piss me off and just wear out my patients. Especially when their action aids in interrupting great moments and the little peace of mind I get every so often. But soon it will be all dealt with and after the flames and bloodshed is over, then we can all live happily once again. I don't think I will have to go that far, but you know it is always a fun thought.

Mostly this person has got me pissed off and got me bitched at by my parents and friends. I don't mind friends raising concern, but when my parents start bitching then that becomes a whole different matter because it sometimes seems like they have a broken record within them and they keep repeating and repeating the same damn thing. It isn't that I am repeating my own damn actions; it is that they just get stuck on one thing. Especially my dad. It doesn't really matter what he is bitching about, just if he can make it into a big deal.

Oh yeah, the delightful girl named Rachel and I are going out. Not the same Rachel that Joel was trying to get to hang out with us. The Rachel I met in my History of Washington class. Anyways, Rachel is awesome to hang out with and we have lots of fun together. We been going out and doing lots of walking. And on Thursday was saw a free concert in Saint Edward's park, one day we hung out at Bell Square, and we've just been doing other things. And for some reason we have given each other pet names. She's calling me her Mammoth and I been calling her "Muffet", named after Little Miss Muffet. I gave her that little nickname because her extreme fear of spiders. I don't remember exactly why she's calling me Mammoth, but I don't mind it.

Anyways, that's my 2 cents right now. Maybe I'll blog later.

Sat, Jul. 14th, 2007, 03:43 pm
An update

Hello People,
Since it has been traditional to write blogs on Sundays while I sit at work while there is a lack of work, I thought today I would break tradition and write on a Saturday while I am at work early bored. Well, I guess there isn't that much difference, I am just not at home bored writing a blog.

So, since the summer has started I have been pretty busy with friends, works, family, and chores. Like today I started to take on the dreadful task of cleaning up the downstairs lounge area. Also I cleaned up my room a little to get to my gecko cage and I cleaned that as well.

Boy I remember why I only typed on this keyboard while I was bored, it fucking sucks.

Anyways, Fourth of July (Explosion Day) was pretty rad. I had people come over and we lit fireworks and had lots of fun. Though, there were one or two guests I found thoroughly annoying. One I didn't invite and the other I did. It was Cici and her boyfriend, or whatever he was to her. I think his name was Edward or something. He looked more like a Dweebis. Oh, no, that is what he was. Chris and I talked about it later and we came to the decision that they did all the motions of high school socialization about 6 times. If you don't know that stages of how one tries to socialize in high school it goes something like this; Meet, Conform, Rebel, and Backstab. I am sure there is more, but that is really all I can think of right now. Dweebis was just annoying and there were times that I was just trying really hard not to smack him.

But anyways, on a better note Rob and Ken were there. Though, Ken's night was sort of ruined when a stray mortar shell. He wasn't the only one hit by it though; he was just the most injured from it. It also hit Amy, Chris, and me. Who else was at the party? Oh yeah, Rob of Amy's crowd, Nathan, and Joel. Liz, Colin, and Kayla also made a brief appearance but left soon after.

Oh yeah, and for some reason Liz is tweaking out. On Thursday I went to Kirkland to meet up with some people, but it ended up being just Rachel, Kayla, and me. We went to Transformers and ate a Greek restaurant that I wanted to try. For some reason, Liz didn't like that. I am not really sure since Liz didn't tell me directly and I got the information from Bob. Go figure. Liz is just being like Bob and Janice now with her indirect communication and paranoia.

What else have I done recently that is bloagble? I saw Ratatouille, or how ever you spell that movie. That was good. Transformers was a good movie. Live Free or Die Hard was also another movie that I enjoyed. I think I am gonna see Harry Potter on Wednesday if plans haven't changed. But I am not too thrilled to see that, but it is to celebrate Kobashi's birthday.

I think I'll blog more tonight after work seeing that it will be time for me to work soon.

Wed, Jun. 20th, 2007, 02:20 pm
More Independence

Hello People,
So, the week has been pretty exciting. I am further plough through the mess that is my room, despite it still looking shitty in here. But I can see the top of my desk and some of the floor. I am gonna sort more things out, throw more things away, and maybe I will sort through some of the clothes and give them off to good will or some thrift shop. I will admit some of the clothes I just need to throw away and burn them.

Oh, I finally got my mom's blessing to use the washing machine! So I can prove that I know how to do laundry. My mom decided to "teach" me to wash my clothes, and said I can start doing my own clothing. It use to be if I got near the washing machine and dryer that my mom would practically chase me away, now I think she has confidence that I know what I am doing. Also, recently my dad has been trying to claim what a loser I am for the laundry I don't do. Despite the fact he barely does anything around the house including; laundry, housework, cleaning, and trying to keep the general peace and serenity in the house. And if he ends up doing any of these things he will bitch, moan, and whine about it. Anyways, I am happy I can do laundry now because having CLEAN boxers when I want them is great.

Also, another thing has been happening in the month of gaining independence in leap and bounds (which is actually isn't all that far) is that I finally changed my cell phone plan over. Now I am on Cingular... or is that AT&T? It is one of those things. I got a nice simple plan with not many thrills. But I got the roll over minutes each month and 5 thousand nights and weekends. All is good. And since I don't use the cell phone as much as I did in the past I think that my plan will work. Come to think of it, I think that most of the people who talk to me on the most are on AT&T and talking to those people don't count toward my minutes.

Rachel was with me when I was getting the plan changed over to me. It was rather funny because the person who was helping me was apparently new doing that. So she ran into a few problems, like she used my social security number and Bob's name. When I heard her problem while she was calling up the call center I had to point out that my ID had MY name on it but the bill with the Verizon account number had Bob's name on it. So my credit history didn't show up until it was all fixed. But it was really odd, it seemed like it took for ever but it only really took about 20 minutes. Though it set me back 340 dollars. I guess that is worth it considering now that I have my own plan, my own phone bill, and a brand new Motorola Razr v3. I was very glad I put in my pay check right before that.

Oh yeah, to those who are reading this, I NEED PHONE NUMBERS! I got most of the numbers from my old phone but I don't have everyone's number.

Last night, Amy, Chris, Kobashi, Rachel and I all watched Jaws together. That was fun and we all got food afterwards. We went to the Wendy's down in the Kirkland/Jaunita area. God that was stupid. We all squished ourselves in Amy's car and got there. We went to the door and they had JUST closed the front door (despite is being 5 minutes from closing.) So then we drove around to the drive through and waited. The little intercom board said, "Sorry, we're not taking orders here, drive up to the window." Apparently they were having some problem back there. So, as instructed we went to the window. Then they told us we needed to go inside. So we all once again drove in front, got out, and went inside. Then the lady at the counter looked at us and said they were only doing drive in window now. After a few minutes of confusion amongst the employees, we FINALLY got our order in.

So anyways, I think that is all that is going on in my life right now, despite feeling a little sick right now. That's why I am typing up a blog on a... WEDNESDAY!

Have a groovy day

Tue, Jun. 19th, 2007, 01:46 am
Some Plans

Hello People,
This is my memo for Fourth of July. Not an official memo, but a memo none-the-less. So here's my thought so far.

We can start around four, BBQ and an open fire. After we eat stuff, we use some of the day time stuff that we have bought. Night comes and we use the bigger night stuff!

Yeah that's what I have figured out so far. And that it will be at my house. So yeah, how about the skinny on this...

What: Explosion Day Celebration (Fourth of July)
Where: My House
When: Starts at 4, ends when we can't breathe because of the fumes.
Bring: Fire Works for both day (TANKS LOTS OF TANKS!) and things for night (motors, fountains, pretty things). Oh yeah, food bring some kind of food.
Who: All of you who know me out there in reality land.

This is subject to change. This is not the final, writing in stone, or spelt correctly or in the snow with urine.


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